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Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Session

Keeping you moving

Keeping you in the game

Helping you regain your function


 The rehabilitation or treatment of your condition will be dependent on the findings from your physical therapy assessment. Your treatments may include:

  • Education on the assessment findings, goals of treatment and self care options

  • Exercises or movements guided by your physiotherapist

  • Manual therapy such as joint mobilizations, massage, and other soft tissue techniques

  • Heat or cold therapies

  • Pain modalities such as ultrasound and interferential current (IFC)

  • Acupuncture

  • Home Exercises to do between sessions


At Athletic Peak Physical Therapy your physical therapist will monitor your progress and adjust your treatments and exercises as necessary. With the help of a physical therapist it is possible to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle while participating in the activities that you love.

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